Sanjeev Singh

Old hot cloth distribution program by organisation in between vulnarable family.

Old Hot Cloth Distribution Program By Organisation In Between Vulnarable Family. We often buy new clothes so casually that it doesn’t even make a difference anymore. We’d have unused clothes in our cupboards, just lying there with tags, waiting for us to wear them while we are waiting for some special occasion or maybe we […]

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Women Livelihood Program

Women Livelihood Program We work with communities to enhance their future prosperity by increasing their ability to successfully manage their own livelihood options and improve their food security. Our activities also focus on empowering women so that they can generate their own income and become empowered in all aspects (social, economical, political) Gender Equality:Of the

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Women Awareness Program

Women Awareness Program Astha Gram Seva has been working in India for 30 years, focusing on alleviating poverty and social exclusion. We do this through well-planned and comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response. Astha Gram Seva India is collaborating with development partners in fighting COVID-19 health crisis. We are helping

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Vocational Training Program

Vocational Training Program The Astha Gram Seva is committed to providing sustainable solutions to the social problems stemming from poverty. Self-development is crucial to achieving this. By giving people training, skills and trades, we are giving them power. The power to take control and change their lives forever. The Life-skills Training Institute delivers high-quality vocational

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Village Sustainable Development Program

Village Sustainable Development Program Good Rural Governance provides individual citizens and the leaders of village-level institutions with knowledge, skills, and confidence to become informed, active self-advocates for the development of their communities. Citizen participation leads to better delivery of public services. Astha Gram Seva is an initiative designed to enable villagers to understand their rights,

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Paryawaran Program

Paryawaran Program Astha Gram Seva conducted an environmental awareness program at English Primary School. Less than 500m from their school, Astha Gram Seva  landfill served as the backdrop for an awareness session with 6th, 7th and 8th grade students of Astha Gram Seva English Primary School. Green Catalyst Nisha started the session with discussion on various

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Ngo Incapacity Program

Ngo Incapacity Program Astha Gram Seva, India is an NGO that’s transforming the lives of underprivileged people with disability since 1980. Based in Bihar, we run extensive programs in rural and urban Bihar to enable, equip and empower children and adults with a range of disabilities including locomotor, spinal cord injury, speech and hearing, cerebral

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Disaster Response

Disaster Response As COVID-19 continues to threaten lives and livelihoods, World Vision India is responding to the needs of the vulnerable people and frontline workers. Our teams are closely working with the district administration to provide people with basic essentials during this lockdown. Our teams have been responding to the needs of children and families

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