Paryawaran Program

Astha Gram Seva conducted an environmental awareness program at English Primary School. Less than 500m from their school, Astha Gram Seva  landfill served as the backdrop for an awareness session with 6th, 7th and 8th grade students of Astha Gram Seva English Primary School. Green Catalyst Nisha started the session with discussion on various aspects of environment. Her friendly and warm tone for the discussion helped the children feel comfortable to participate and share their thoughts with her. She created a good bond and rapport with children by speaking to them as equals. The discussion was generative and interactive; allow the children to surface what they already know about their environment and the various issues they face due to living so close to the landfill site. She says, “To breathe clean air is everyone’s birth right, which is even protected by the constitution. These students are not fighting for their right because they do not have the necessary education. We are inspired by the children who doing research about their community and we want to help by joining them as an awareness partner.”

A group of children who have been working with Paryavaran Mitra shared their learning about legal awareness. They spoke about the Right To Information and asked students present what questions they had related to the garbage mountains. Another group that has been conducting interviews, shared about the history of the area and the problems faced by people living there. Two of the students even got an opportunity to go to Bihar for a conference on Human Rights through Paryavaran Mitra. As this was just an introductory session, more consistent efforts are required to start a movement from the school and then move into the community.